How it began...

Feb 1, 2018

Co founded by Hunter Glaske and Adam Fischer


While returning from Kansas City, adam and hunter began talking about creating a new sound with “timeless” elements. Listening to music of inspiration, they discussed what it would look like to re-brand themselves. At the time, both singers had their own band and were helping each other out by traveling together on radio tours. Effortlessly, they came across this sound they describe as "ghosty". 

The sound is charged by a combination of pocket grooves, electronic synths and electric guitar. (80's/stranger things) accompanied by haunting vocals conveying emotion.  The sound continued to develop as they began writing together. After completing 1984, the two realized they had something special and decided to drop what they were doing to pursue it. 

February 1st of 2018, NIGHT TRAVELER was born. 

“Our vision for NIGHT TRAVELER is to create timeless music that people of all ages and backgrounds can come together and enjoy. We want our real personalities to shine as we engage with the audiences in each show we perform. Who we are is important to us. We’re goofy, we’re real, we express strong emotions and feeling through our music and we hope that our listeners can relate to our sound. We welcome vulnerability and hope that our music can impact each person who listens.